About Us


About the School

Baselios Marthoma Mathews II Central School is a coeducational institution following CBSE Syllabus. This School was started in June 2002 with a view to impart quality and modern education to all. The founder is His Holiness Moran Mar Baselios Marthoma Mathews II , the then Catholicose of the East and Malankara Metropolitan. This institution is named after that Holiness to commemorate the blessed name of the founder.



The School is located at Baselios nagar near Vayanasala Junction ,adjacent to St. Thomas U.P School at Padinjatte Kizhakkemuri in Sooranad North Village. It stands a vast plot of 6.5 acres, by the side of Puthiyakavu-Chakkuvally Road and has serene atmosphere of fresh air and sunlight.


Aims and Objectives

The founder and the Management ardently wish to make the School an ideal centre of excellence, capable of moulding up the young generation in to eminent citizen valuing cardinal virtues of human life.They firmly believe that children should not only be trained for a career to earn a livelihood but also to be distinguished persons upholding high ideals and moral values with a high degree of discipline.

Present education is greatly influenced by rapid changes like Liberalization ,Globalization,Communications, modern Engineering technology, Information technology etc for which we aim to give special emphasis to have more infrastructure to facilitate and adjust to changing scenario.



The Management of the School is vested with the Nuns of the Baselel Convent, Sooranad in Kollam District who have long standing and unblemished record of running various institutions . They have devoted to service and best of motherly care and love to every child. The motto of the institution is ‘PRAY, PREPARE and PROCEED’. It is directed by a Management Committee.

Our Team

Our Torch bearers who guide us to the path of knowledge and power from ignorance and darkness


Rev. Sr. Dr. Emilia


Sr. Beena Varughese